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Konin - Centrum Stomatologiczne CENTRODENT

CentrodentCentrum Stomatologiczne CENTRODENT has rendered services in the areas of aesthetic stomatology, orthodontics and prevention of oral cavity health since1993. gabinet CENTRODENTU Our aim is providing our patients with the highest quality services as well as professional and caring medical care. We take pattern from leading and accomplished world authorities, which ensures high level and safety of the treatment.

Owing to increasing qualifications by our staff, state of the art equipment in our surgeries and special care we have created modern dental practice. The wide array of treatment methods applied in the CENTRODENT surgeries allows us to change the shape, hue, position of teeth, which has an influence on nice appearance and health of dentition.
We use equipment such as: intraoral camera, X-ray, endometr, ultrasound system of widening root canal system and removing tartar, caeca with optical fibre, endodontic microengines, sterilization systems complying with the European Standards and many other pieces of equipment.

We guarantee that Each Patient of Konińskie Centrum Stomatologii "Centrodent" will be treated in a reliable and complex way, in a friendly and kind atmosphere of understanding.

Our services
Our aim is health and satisfaction of our customers. Realizing this assumption we offer treatment in all areas of stomatology.

Conservative dentistry is concerned with treatment of dental caries and tooth pulp as well as widely understood prophylactics. Nowadays, treatment of carietic defects and pulp diseases ((the endodontic treatment = the root canal treatment) )has been totally painless and, thanks to modern materials, it can be performed in a very esthetic way. The wide range of colors of the filling materials allows for the most accurate selection of the proper shade to match patients' teeth. What is more, correcting operations make it possible to alter the color and shape of own teeth. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular correcting operations chosen today.
Periodontology, a branch of dentistry, is devoted to diagnostics, prognosis, prophylactics and treatment of periodontopathy which more than 10% of the world's population suffer from. In Poland, the percentage of patients' is much higher: about 70% of the population.

Healthy gums are pale pink and they do not bleed. In the first phase of the condition, bacteria gathered on teeth surface cause gingivitis whose symptoms are: reddening, swelling and bleeding. If the deposit (bacterial plate) remains, dental scale is growing and it destroys the periosteum and the bone. Then the periodontal pocket appears and it can be filled with purulent exudation. The next stage is irreversible and it is the vast parodontium and bone decline. The tooth becomes unstable and the gums bleed at slightest touch. Patient's breath smells unpleasant.

Dental surgery is a branch of dentistry involving surgical procedures within the oral cavity.

In CENTRODENT, we have at our disposal a wide range of modern anaesthetics which let us alleviate pain effectively. The following procedures are carried out under local anaesthesia:

> Permanent and deciduous teeth extraction
> Abscesses - cutting
> Root slotting
> First-aid in cases of difficult teeth eruption

If root apex resection is required we guarantee our patients' consultations with specialists in the area.

Dental prosthetics

Dentition reconstruction is possible thanks to the state of art. Dental prosthetics. Three basic groups of prosthetic fillings (dentures) are recognized:

1. permanent dentures, such as: caps, bridges, facings and cap-root inserts. Those fillers are permanently fixed on live teeth with special cement.
2. removable dentures are inserted and can be removed form the oral cavity by a patient and those are:functionally stable frame dentures , partial and complete dentures - unstable, made from acrylate. We also make partial and complete nylon dentures.
3. combined dentures, such as those combined with stable and unstable dentures linked with precise yet invisible elements.

Orthodontics as a branch of dentistry is devoted totreatment whose aim is teeth location correction for better chewing and better looks of patients dentition. Removable devices are used along with the stable (tooth-glued) ones in the orthodontic treatment.With mixed-dentition children removable devices are used whereas adolescents and adults are provided with the stable ones.


NTI splint treatment of functional disorders:

According to subject literature, almost 60% of our society observe different symptoms of the temporo-mandibular joint disorders (in short: TMJ). Those symptoms can be both temporo-mandibular joint snapping and a slight headache in the morning, or functional pain which can induce serious defect of psychosocial character. Naturally, the NTI therapy can not solve all problems yet its efficiency is estimated at 82% in the scientific publications.
NTI splint

Muscular hyperactivity as the cause of the above said symptoms occurs at night in the deep sleep phase most often, and it is beyond our awareness or control. NTI splint reduces the muscular force element and results in:
  • headache treatment
  • migraineous headaches which result from tensions
  • treatment of functional disorders of TMJs
  • treatment of bruxism (teeth gnashing)
  • reduction of overloads which can cause teeth breaking
  • post-traumatic treatment, etc.
There is a broad scientific reference material on efficiency of NTI splints and their effects in TMJ therapy. So far, about 200 000 NTI splints have been made in Canada and the USA and about 5 000 in Scandinavia which lets us state that the NTI therapy meets both scientific and clinical practice requirements.


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